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“Personal leadership” is a concise, short and to the point video tutorials about a set of key points in our personal mastery. Enjoy.


What is personal leadership? Why should we get involved?


How will you actually know that you achieved success? Who do you compete against?

Life goals

What is important to you? What do you really want for yourself?


Fears are our first obstacle to achieving success. Are you aware of the threat they pose to achieving your life objectives?

Personal truth

Personal truth is our second obstacle to achieving success. Do you understand why it is said ‘that we are always right’ ?

License to live

License to live is our third obstacle to achieving success. Do you without any doubt believe that you deserve what you want?


Expectations are the manifestations of those three obstacles. What do you expect in your life?


People are the true measure of our life’s successes. Do you know how to tell them apart?


Final thoughts. You are the captain, but what is your odyssey?

Public speaking

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